Cases CleanLease Eindhoven

Higher financial returns, higher customer satisfaction

The challenge

As a national service provider with multiple branches, Cleanlease is always close to its customers. For the Eindhoven branch, this mainly concerns hospitals, care institutions and vacation parks. Customers who are good for a varied flow of laundry: about 400 tons per week. Cleanlease has been paying attention to production efficiency for some time now. A system had been installed that measured the process, but this system could no longer be maintained by the supplier at that time.

  • The question was: how can we improve the performance of the laundry? How can we eliminate waste and maximize capacity utilization? Can we use the system that is already installed?
  • Because of this, our Laundry Dashboard tool came at the right time. In this branch – and three others – we implemented Laundry Dashboard.


The solution

We implemented Laundry Dashboard at Cleanlease in Eindhoven. The version that CleanLease has chosen is the Laundry Dashboard Pro. With this version you have insight into the productivity of machines, consumption and employees.

  • We installed our software Laundry Dashboard, using the existing infrastructure as much as possible. We installed new screens on which the performance was visualized.
  • From day one, the management, site manager and production managers had real-time insight.
  • Due to the flexible structure and structure of Laundry Dashboard, the customer is no longer highly dependent on a supplier and it is possible for him to build his own ‘cockpits’. As a result, he always and everywhere has insight into the things he finds important.
  • Together with Cleanlease, we analyzed the information from Laundry Dashboard several times during the first year and started looking for optimization possibilities.


The result

A year later, the investment in Laundry Dashboard had already paid for itself.
With the help of Laundry Dashboard, Cleanlease’s management and teams had managed to significantly improve the financial results and increase customer satisfaction. The key word here is insight. The objective information from Laundry Dashboard makes everyone aware of performance and the possibilities to improve it.

"Employees enjoy being able to follow their performance during the working day".

William Harte, Unit Manager CleanLease