Laundry dashboard

The sum of IT-expertise and laundry experience

Unlocking hidden potential. Helping laundries and their teams to consciously improve their performance.

That is what we consider to be the mission of Laundry Dashboard. Founded by system integrator WSP and detergent supplier Christeyns, our solutions are based on a thorough understanding of the laundry industry and on IT-expertise.

Benefits People, Planet and Profit

Laundry Dashboard helps to contribute to sustainable returns for your laundry. Our aspirations?
  • A clean, waste-free world
  • Laundry service employee job satisfaction
  • Solid returns for any laundry

"Until the arrival of Laundry Dashboard, there has been relatively little innovation in our industry in the last 10 years."

Richard Turvill, Swiss Camplings, England
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