Case Göddecke Textilpflege Olsberg, Germany

15% increase in productivity in the PG department

The challenge
At the beginning of 2020, the family business Göddecke Textielservice ended up in the red. Due to the corona restrictions in the hospitality industry, 40% of orders from the hospitality industry were lost. The CEO of Göddecke started looking for more efficient ways of operating the laundry. Lots of information about the washing processes were needed for this. Until then, all values of the machines were registered in different systems per manufacturer. The information had to be calculated and evaluated by Mr Göddecke himself.

The solution
The search for efficiency led to Laundry Dashboard, as the solution to gain insight into all consumption data at a glance. At the beginning of 2021 all Göddecke’s machines were connected to Laundry Dashboard. The performance of these machines has since been measured and checked. If the consumption deviates, the system sends out a warning. This reduces costs and helps to reduce the ecological footprint.

It is important for Göddecke to improve work processes, to have the laundry ready faster, to get a better flow in production. To gain insight into this, overview screens have been placed next to each machine. They show the productivity of each employee in real time. The customer analyses why one employee achieves 120 percent and the other only 80 percent. This is not intended to raise the performance standard for the employees, but to get more output without increasing the workload.

For example, at the first RFID scanning point, which is meant for the customer dedicated linen, an improvement was achieved through the correct work instructions. By saving a certain action, the employees performed significantly better. Not because they work faster, but because an action is completely eliminated. This way you can make a big improvement with a number of small improvements.

The result
The data from Laundry Dashboard helped the client tremendously. In the past, the customer only believed that they had gotten better. Today, with the help of data, customers know that their performance has actually increased by 10% to 15%, especially in the labour-intensive and cost-intensive workplaces.

The customer now has the option to combine the production data with the calculation of cost prices for financial management. In addition, thanks to Laundry Dashboard, they also know which customers are profitable for them, where they need to deploy a lot of staff, where they need to deploy less staff and which customers are lucrative. They can watch the process and then maybe make changes. That was not possible before, because they did not know where the energy was being used and by which customers. Laundry Dashboard shows all of that.

'In the past, we only believed that we had gotten better. Today, with the help of data, we know that we actually increased performance by 10% to 15%.'

Jürgen Göddecke, CEO Göddecke Textilpflege