Product consultant WSP/Laundry Dashboard in a trade journal about data management and the future of laundry

For the February edition of the Dutch trade magazine Textielbeheer, our product consultant Henk van Engelenburg was interviewed as part of the Data2Move project. Subject: his vision on the future of the laundry and the use of data in that future.

A summary of the interview:
‘Henk van Engelenburg of WSP doesn’t mince his words. WSP has the right to speak: the company has been in existence for 25 years and is one of the leading parties when it comes to automation in the laundry. But: “The industry has been doing more or less the same for twenty years. The market is really very much locked in. Of course we invest in new machines that work even more efficiently and we automate where we can, but the market itself is actually unchanged. We want to give the laundries a boost, precisely by helping to develop new markets. That is possible if you handle data intelligently.”‘

Read the entire article in Dutch below.