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Why Laundry Dashboard?

          Improved efficiency and effectiveness in your production process
          Insight into costs and revenues, per customer and product     
          Real-time insight into your production process
          Strategic management information to support investment decisions
          Time and money savings


At last full insight! Laundry Dashboard is the first online management tool that gives you real-time insight into every aspect of the performance of your laundry. This innovative solution enables you to easily optimise your profit.

Laundry Dashboard measures and analyses energy consumption, machine performance and employee productivity. The findings are clearly presented in transparent reporting. Any deviations from the standards you have set are reported to you automatically. The user-friendly Laundry Dashboard is web-based, so you can access it from anywhere at any time. And that means that you never ease your grip on the costs, performance and results of your laundry facility.

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»  How it works

In three easy steps you can improve your laundry facility’s performance considerably. By applying a continuous process of measurement, analysis and optimisation, you will ensure that your laundry continues to deliver optimal performance, today, tomorrow and into the future!

No longer will you need to survey your laundry facility at the end of the day, lists in hand, to gain a total picture of your resource consumption. Nor will you need to be ever-present on the work floor in order to monitor whether everything is running smoothly. Laundry Dashboard keeps an eye on all the critical factors of your laundry process, continuously and automatically.



Laundry Dashboard analyses the measurements it records at three levels:



Dashboard screens at the operational level give real-time information about employee productivity and resource consumption. By way of example, at their work stations, employees can view information about the customer, the product, their own production speed and the standards they should be meeting. These comprehensive screens are web-based, which means they can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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You can do so much at the touch of a button. For example, you can generate reports comparing one location with another, or the production figures of specific employees. Reports can tell you how your machines are performing, which laundry processes have high consumption costs and much more. At a glance you can see what is going well and where there is scope for improvement.



Laundry Dashboard supports you when you make strategic decisions. It brings the figures you need within hand’s reach, such as the profit generated by each product and each customer. Based on these figures you can make well-founded strategic decisions that generate a significant competitive advantage.

Once Laundry Dashboard has analysed your laundry facility in various ways, you can start taking action to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Laundry Dashboard’s analyses can inspire you to make all kinds of changes. By way of example, here are just a handful:


  • Appeal to or even discontinue certain product groups to boost your margin.
  • Re-organise your laundry facility to reduce bottlenecks.
  • Change the balance of permanent and contract staff to maximise the use of production capacity.
  • Apply employees to the tasks at which they perform best.
  • Raise the productivity of production staff by informing them about past performance and current targets.
  • Resolve leaks of compressed air and water more quickly to limit unnecessary consumption.
  • Switch machines on and off at the right time to avoid consumption wastage.
  • Reduce water and energy consumption per machine and per volume of laundry produced by better matching the quantity of one machine’s output to the next machine’s intake and then monitoring this automatically.
  • Raise employee and machine productivity by maintaining and adjusting machines such that the result is higher quality and reduced rewash and incorrect folding.
  • Purchase the best-performing machines by applying insight into benchmarked data on the productivity, quality and technical availability of these machines.
  • Start referring during investment projects to well-founded data and reports about the performance achieved by new machines and systems.


With Laundry Dashboard, our current customers have achieved the following savings:

  • Increase in the productivity of employees and machines of 4% and higher
  • Reduction in water, gas and electricity consumption of 5% and more



Payback period: 12 to 24 months


»  Features

With Laundry Dashboard you are adding an important instrument to your operations, one that will prepare you for a successful future.


By measuring performance Laundry Dashboard clearly defines the road to success. Every dashboard has visual information panels in red, orange and green. So performance is always evident at a glance and smart progress can be made towards the target results.

Laundry Dashboard uses clear and consistent indicators to report performance. The system measures the type of output in question and measures it against the norm. The outcome is evident in a performance score that is expressed using percentages. This results in uniform and easily recognisable indicators that can be used by teams, including self-managing teams. Laundry Dashboard measures the performance of employees, machines, energy consumption and costs.


Employee performance

Employee performance is measured and presented so that you can work together on optimisation.

Employees gain an insight into their performance when working as part of a team and when working alone. This knowledge enables you to collaborate to create an efficient work process.

Laundry Dashboard is the only system that enables you to see at a glance whether results meet expectations, independent of the product or machine involved. Thus, it produces no absolute figures or comments such as, 'in the last hour we processed 800 pieces’. Instead, Laundry Dashboard provides percentages representing either individual or team performance. In addition, every employee builds his or her own performance history. This enables you to compare the performance of employees over an extended period.


Machine performance

Every machine has an ideal capacity and an actual production. Particularly when machines are fed their products automatically, machine performance is the most important indicator for establishing productivity. Are you making maximum use of the your machines' capacity? With Laundry Dashboard, you have a tool for measuring and benchmarking the performance of each of your machines.


Energy performance

Thanks to the Laundry Dashboard performance concept, it is possible derive meaningful information from your laundry's energy performance. The measured consumptions of gas, water and electricity are expressed as percentages and visualised using the colours red, orange and green.

The performance concept ensures that a simple and objective comparison can be made between energy consumptions and other forms of consumption. Let's use an example to explain this feature:
For a particular day, the system measures a consumption of 0.13 kWh per kilogram. This falls within the limits of the green norm, which you can see in the chart. Then, Laundry Dashboard establishes a performance range complete with percentages. The OK range for the performance lies between 80 and 120. When a percentage is linked to a consumption the ranges can be easily compared. 

In this way, you can always benchmark the various forms of energy consumed by different branches and machines in a simple and reliable way. 




Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) describes the relationship between the quantity of good products delivered by a means of production and the maximum that can be delivered. Thanks to the OEE functionality built into Laundry Dashboard, it is easy to optimise production. When working with your teams, you can make optimum machine use your management aim. At the same time, these outcomes provide a valuable basis for improving your laundry process.


OEE factors
Laundry Dashboard automatically measures the following three OEE factors:
1. Availability
2. Performance
3. Quality
When these three factors are multiplied (availability, performance, quality), the result is the OEE percentage. In Laundry Dashboard, these data are easily visible to the work floor and can be included in management reporting. The measurements are made per machine, as well as per complete production line.


Availability is the planned production time minus the idle time. In Laundry Dashboard's  OEE chart  availability is shown by comparing (B) with (A). The total net production time (A) is determined by the schedules held in Laundry Dashboard.



Performance is the maximum production capacity versus the actual production output. Performance is shown in Laundry Dashboard by comparing actual output (D) with (C). In producing this information and the product-dependent norms, the system works on the basis of the ideal situation.



Quality is the number of approved (= neither rejected nor re-processed) pieces versus the rejected output. This approach provides a clear insight into the quality ratio.



An important  indicator of a laundry's success is the profitability of its customers and products. Laundry Dashboard offers you this information in a comprehensive report so that you can base your strategic decisions on well-substantiated figures. Thanks to Laundry Dashboard, you know which products and customers you would do best to concentrate on.


To provide an insight into the laundry's profitability, Laundry Dashboard measures both cost performance and turnover performance. The system takes account of various types of cost during production, such as labour, consumption (energy) and machine costs (depreciation and maintenance). Laundry Dashboard records this information both per customer and per product. This generates a cost price per processed kilogram or even per piece..

Turnover and profitability

Laundry Dashboard can be coupled to your own linen management system. By importing the turnover per customer or per product and setting these off against the costs incurred in the same period, it becomes easy to establish profitability. You can see not only which customers are profitable, but also the extent to which they are contributing to your success.
Exactly the same applies to products. By measuring at the product level and by establishing a norm for the cost price, you can use Laundry Dashboard to gain an insight into the best- and worst-performing products or product groups.


Laundry Dashboard is the ideal, independent measuring instrument for benchmarking. Whether the performance you are interested in relates to your employees, machines, energy or costs. Laundry Dashboard measures all these units objectively and clearly against the benchmark. This provides you with the information you need to make corrective adjustments and in this way to continually improve every aspect of your laundry.

Benchmarking between machines

With Laundry Dashboard you can benchmark the performance of individual machines. This enables you to make well-informed investment decisions. You can compare machines within your own machine park thanks to the OEE measurements. You can take decisions based on facts that are available in the comprehensive dashboards and reports provided by Laundry Dashboard. 

Benchmarking between branches

Laundry Dashboard is a valuable tool for taking on competitors in this highly competitive laundry sector. The consultants at Laundry Dashboard will assist you in establishing the right benchmarks for your organisation. This will enable you to compare your performance with best practice within your own group or in the laundry sector. In this way, you will keep your employees sharp, and together you will get the best out of your laundry.

Laundry Dashboard:

• A web-based SaaS* solution (always available)

• Secure access via https

• Available in various languages

• Dashboard screen layout can be customised

• Fully customisable reports

• Geared to your standards

• Based on the structure of your organisation

• Customer and product specific


* Software as a Service

»  Implementation

Within just six months Laundry Dashboard can be up and running in your laundry facility and you can set to work further optimising your operations. The implementation process looks like this:


The implementation of Laundry Dashboard is a joint process. In four phases the specialists at Laundry Dashboard will ensure you get the best out of your laundry.

Phase  1: Engineering & Operational
Once the assignment has been placed, a project kick-off meeting will be held. This visit includes an engineering survey and the specialists from Laundry Dashboard will discuss with you the functional design of the system. In addition, the milestones for the project will be established.

In the first phase we spend time on the technical installation and the design of the Laundry Dashboard environment at the operational level. Your operations employees will be introduced to Laundry Dashboard through training and the dashboards that have been developed will be explained.


Phase  2: Analysis & Management
The second phase starts with a visit during which the installation is made operational and Laundry Dashboard starts taking measurements. From this moment on, you can set to work with the dashboards and reports at the operational level.  This is still a test phase, so the measurements and various types of performance being recorded are not yet visually available to your operations employees. In this period we work with you to decide the performance norms for employees, machines and energy consumption. In addition, the Laundry Dashboard specialists work on the management dashboards and reports.


Phase  3:  Delivery & Training
The third phase starts with a visit during which the management dashboards and reports are delivered and transferred to you. In addition, management staff attend a user training session and optimisation training. Operations employees are given an insight into the various types of performance. In this phase both operations employees and management staff start working fully with Laundry Dashboard.


Go Live
During the fourth visit Laundry Dashboard is officially delivered. After this visit you will be able to use Laundry Dashboard completely independently. Read more about the possibilities of consultancy after delivery on our website.


During the first month that Laundry Dashboard is up and running, data will be collected to establish the baseline measurement. Based on all the various types of performance, optimisation processes can be started and it will become possible to establish the profit in relation to this baseline situation.

»  Consultancy

Once Laundry Dashboard has been implemented, you can continue to draw on the expertise of our Laundry Dashboard specialists. The consultants will set to work with you to define your goals and then achieve them. Together, this is how we will achieve the best result!


Together with the Laundry Dashboard consultants, you will set goals in a range of areas: machine performance, employee performance and energy performance as well as cost performance and profitability. These goals will apply at all levels: strategic management, tactical management en operations employees.



  • Achievement of maximum savings
  • A set of realistic goals compiled together
  • Training and advice on how to achieve the goals
  • Advice and training based on years of knowledge and experience


During an optimisation process your own Laundry Dashboard consultant will visit you at set intervals. Together with you, the consultant will examine how closely you are on track and new goals will be set. Of course, the consultant will involve in this process all the relevant employees.
Working under the consultant's supervision, employees define their own goals and are given responsibility for achieving them. When your Laundry Dashboard consultant is visiting, he or she will take on the role of coach and give advice about the smartest way to use Laundry Dashboard to achieve maximum return on all fronts. 

It is your decision how closely the consultants at Laundry Dashboard become involved with your laundry. To suit your preference, we have created various support packages. Are you keen to know what the consultants at Laundry Dashboard can do for you? If so, get in touch with us and ask about the possibilities.







»  About us

Our ambition: we aim to provide laundries with constant insight into their production process and consumption of resources, in a smart and efficient way, and thus to maximise effectiveness and quality.


Laundry Dashboard was developed by WSP Systems. Founded in 1993, WSP Systems’ aim has always been to raise the productivity and efficiency of laundry facilities. This is why for almost 20 years now WSP Systems has been developing and installing complete logistic solutions for industrial laundries worldwide. The specialists at WSP Systems are professionals who know the laundry world from the inside out.


Laundry Dashboard was commercialised in partnership with Christeyns, a B2B player of international repute in the chemicals and detergent market. Christeyns offers a complete range of cleaning products, chemicals, water and energy recovery systems, dosing equipment and other creative, ultramodern solutions for professional textile cleaners, both institutional and industrial.


When you work with Laundry Dashboard, you reap the benefits of having experienced partners, a company who will bring plenty of enthusiasm to the task of further optimising your laundry. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to discuss your situation.